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Cykeofocuses on the research and development of RFID and IoTcore technology and overall hardware solutions. The company has more than 100 typesof self-developed RFID read-write modules, readers, and RFID smart devices used in various industries; the company has industrial design research and development centers, radio frequency identification engineering technology research and development centers, and objects based on RFID technology. Networking application equipment engineering laboratories and corporate college scientific research workstations can provide corresponding RFID smart hardware solutions for large-scale IoTconstruction. Up to now, the company has more than 100 patents and proprietary technologies. In the IoT industry, Cykeo focuses on medical, public security, electric, aviation, railways, library, documentsand other industries, while vigorously developing RFID IoT vertical applications such as smart washing and smart clothing, providing high-performance RFID and IoT techn...

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